Curious about Support Boston?

Or just wanna hang out with some of the SB/Smash it Dead Collective and watch a movie/eat a bunch of food?

Sunday, April 27, Support Boston will host a potluck/movie/info-sesh at Trouble Ahead. 

Support Boston is a group that formed a couple years ago to address issues surrounding sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other fucked up power dynamics present in the DIY/punk/hardcore scene in Boston.

We’d love to tell you all more about our group, what we’ve been doing and reading, and how we believe we can best support the survivors in our lives. Really, any questions you have (or ideas and insight you would like to share) is super encouraged! 

This is a vegan pot-luck, but everyone in the collective will be cooking, so no pressure if you just wanna bring some chips.

The movie we are showing is Josie and the Pussycats.


Smash it Dead Fest 2014 was able to raise over $5600 for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center! This weekend continues to grow each year, with more bands, types of performances, and a larger turn out. We are so grateful for everyone who made this fest possible.

Photo by Steve Kong


Readings and Potluck Saturday Morning~11am!

We are very excited to add a new type of performance to our yearly fest: two very special zine/book readings by Imogen Binnie and Christy Road! Please be sure to arrive early (with your vegan pancakes and tofu scramble in hand…) to check them out. :)

Christy is a Cuban-American writer, visual artist, and member of the band the Homewreckers (also playing SATURDAY afternoon!). Her zine, Greenzine began in 1997. Since then, she has also released Indestructible, Bad Habits, and Spit and Passion — all of which blend her artwork with personal stories of growing up “in the closet,” healing from an abusive relationship, and more. In addition to creating these works, Christy also leads discussions and zine workshops in various places. You can see more of her artwork on her website:

Imogen is a trans woman who plays in the band Correspondences (playing SUNDAY at the fest!) writes about her experiences and ideas in books, zines, and a monthly column in Maximum Rock n Roll. Her zines include The Fact That It’s Funny Doesn’t Make It A Joke and Stereotype Threat, and she has also had stories published in various anthologies. You can read more of her writing on her blog:

POC Caucus and Discussion// Anti-Racism Discussion

There is a workshop on the 2014 Smash It Dead schedule that reads:

SUNDAY 3/30:
12:15pm-1:30pm POC Caucus w/ Suzy X and Discussion// Anti-Racism Discussion (happening at same time!)

Some of you might be wondering what this is, or what this is going to be like during the fest. This post is hoping to clarify some of your questions and highlight some of why it is important or significant for as many people to participate as possible!

Essentially, there will be two facilitated discussions happening at the same time at the Democracy Center in two separate rooms.

One room will be held as a space for POC (People of Color) ONLY and will be facilitated by Suzy X. White people are not to enter the room during this time unless invited.

Suzy’s description of the discussion:

There have been many articles, essays, comics, zines and workshops for white people on unpacking white privilege. But how often do people of color in punk communities get to address each other and share their experiences? This ranges from hearing racist jokes at shows, to seeing white supremacists allowed to play at your favorite venue; from getting your hair touched by strangers to being excluded from spaces and in publications. This is an affinity group for those who identify as people of color, and who would like to use the space to discuss cross-cultural solidarity-building, the meaning of “POC” itself and strategies for combating racism. (Or, of course, we can just talk about feelings.)

Taking place in the other room, will be a facilitated white-privilege and anti-racism discussion for those who do not identify as POC.

The description is as follows:

Do you benefit from white privilege? Let’s talk about it! This discussion will be a space for white folks to talk about ways we’re working on becoming better allies to POC, practice healthy self-criticism, seek advice, and learn more about what anti-racist organizing is going on in our scenes and neighborhoods. This will also be a space to practice talking about our privilege in an honest, unguarded way, which isn’t always easy. White folks are strongly encouraged to attend — discussing oppression and understanding your role in dismantling it is a responsibility for all white folks and an important part of the Smash It Dead weekend!

We hope to have a mini-debrief altogether at the end of the allotted time slot if possible.

As a general disclaimer, we recognize that the two categories of racial identity created by these workshops are inadequate — No one will be questioned or turned away from attending either discussion.

We are really excited about these separate, but coinciding discussions surrounding race and racism, and how to implement anti-racist strategies within our scenes and lives.

AS ALWAYS during the fest, we ask everyone to be respectful of the space and practice safer space policies, but we also want to highlight being especially mindful during the workshops and discussions that are being held during Smash It Dead Fest.


Permanent Ruin Sunday at the DC!

*****We will be raffling off some awesome prizes from Weirdo Records, Ashley Matthias (Jim’s Tattoo), Life is Posers, Sabertooth Bakery, Papercut Zine Library and more! Proceeds go towards helping out Permanent Ruin and the other amazing out of town bands to get to the fest :)

Unofficial Benefit for BARCC and Smash it Dead Fest this Weekend

Thanks Matthew for booking this gig! Half the proceeds from this will go towards Smash it Dead Fest and we really appreciate help fundraising. We try to raise funds before the fest so that we can help the out of town bands with gas money and to pay for the venues! This way, every dollar raised the weekend of Smash it Dead goes directly to BARCC.

Be sure to get in touch if you have any other fundraising ideas!